This site is a non-commercial package and is only for the students and learners in the area of Biomedical Signal and Image Processing.

About The Project

The Biomedical Virtual Lab Project is part of the Virtual Lab Project, an initiative of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) under the National Mission on Education through Information & Communication Technology.

Physical distances and lack of resources prevent us from performing experiments, especially when they involve costly equipment. Good faculty and expensive laboratory instruments are a scarce resource in the field of Biomedical Engineering. The Virtual Lab Project aims at overcoming such shortcomings by giving students all over the country access to the equipments and laboratories at the Indian Institutes of Technology.

Web-based experiments can be designed for remote operation and viewing so as to enthuse the curiosity and innovation into students. Such a venture would help in learning basic and advanced concepts through remote experimentation. This method would promote the “learning-by-doing” approach by providing students with access to the Virtual Labs round the clock so that they can repeat experiments as many times as possible.

Aim of the Project:

• The Biomedical Virtual Lab aims at providing a platform for students to perform experiments remotely over the web through a user-friendly graphical front end, working in synchrony with a backend consisting of actual measurement data on a server.

• The user can acquire biomedical signals like EEG, ECG, EMG, Pulmonary Measurements etc and can then analyse the signals to extract parameters from it using modules provided in the experiment.

• The user can also upload their own signals to the experiment and analyse their signal data using it.

Salient Features

• The Biomedical Virtual Lab enables students to remotely perform experiments. The students can select inputs to be given to a particular module or part of the experiment and then view the corresponding output.

• The experiments which are a part of the Biomedical Virtual Lab are performed by remotely triggering the equipment and instruments in the Biomedical Instrumentation Lab, Department of Electrical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. The actual output of the equipments and the experimental results are made available to the student through a computer interface.

• The Biomedical Virtual Labs are accompanied by documents pertaining to the experiment being performed. This document gives a general background on the experiment along with the aim of the experiment and instructions to perform it. It also comments on the expected results obtained from the experiment.

• The Biomedical Virtual Labs are accompanied by additional learning resources like Audio and Video based explanations of the experiments.

• The Biomedical Virtual Labs make the learning experience more realistic and effective by providing additional inputs to the students through real-time audio and video streaming of the actual laboratory and the laboratory equipment being controlled.

• Each experiment in the Biomedical Virtual Lab is accompanied by a Multiple Choice Questionnaire at the end of the experiment. This enables the students to test themselves at the end of the experiment and provides them with an insight on the purpose of each experiment, thus enhancing the learning process.

• An Experiment Report is generated at the end of each experiment. This report consists of the parameters that were selected by the student while performing the experiment along with the corresponding outputs obtained in the experiment. This report can be saved and used for later reference.

• A provision for Online Technical Support is planned by using a Chat. This can be used by the user to interact with the Site Administrator of the Biomedical Virtual Labs in case he/she faces a problem while performing the experiment.